Friday, 23 March 2018

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Sunday, 8 October 2017

5 Apps that Silently Kill Your Data Plan

We all realize that graphic-abundant online games and video streaming kills our data. Reducing your handset usage as you reach the limit of your data plan at the month end is however not a practical solution. One of the more appropriate ways is to cease those data-ravenous apps from chewing too much data on the whole.

Generally, the apps you use most tends to kill your mobile data plan and so your budget will shake your consciousness too. Let’s have a look at few of the apps that you just can’t resist to visit every five minutes and are the major reason behind the data loss.


Formed for music streaming, the Spotify App helps you easily browse, hunt and enjoy countless of songs regardless of your location. The App as compared to video streaming doesn’t swallow as much data as video, but still if used on daily basis, can cause severe loss to your data plan. One of the ways is to download the playlist or your favorite album so you can cherish local copies instead of live streaming. In addition, the setting menu also offers numerous streaming quality options including Automatic, Normal, High as well as Extreme that you can select as per your own requirements.


The most popular socializing App ‘Facebook’ may not emerge to be a huge data killer but the danger lies when you use it while letting the autoplay videos on. The good news is, you can restrict or even disable autoplay videos easily. What you just need to do is to open the Videos and Photos option in your Account Settings and by choosing one of the two options including ‘On Wi-Fi Connections Only’ or ‘Never Autoplay Videos’ can limit the waste.

    Google Maps:

With satellite maps, it’s now on your finger tips to navigate your way all over the globe. Although it may help you hit the road, the App certainly plays an important role at losing your data. Retrieving real-time images and usually clicking on the background, Google Maps can use up to a megabyte per minute. Avail an offline navigation feature instead to address the issue.


What else can be more fascinating than to explore the world with a single click over YouTube? The App luckily doesn’t autoplay videos. But as the only purpose of YouTube is to play videos, you just can’t avoid the instant boost in your data use when you sidestep WI-FI. The App features a setting though that limits HD videos playing when you are using WI-FI.


Amazon is another interesting App that allows you to browse, compare and purchase your desired product from thousands of available options. Besides giving you a convenient shopping experience, the App also kills your data awfully. The worst part is it uses your bandwidth with an array of background services, even when you are not actually using the App.

Reducing your data usage isn’t a rocket science. With little planning and change in settings, you can thrivingly control the data usage. In addition, try to make efficient use of offline games and Apps along with restricting the background data to make the most out of your existing data plan. technology submit guest post